Shepherd Wealth & Retirement – Core Values

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our Core Values and an exclusive process that can lead to better understanding, clarity and collaboration for “Shepherding” their Wealth & Retirement. 

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement – Core Values

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement’s mission is to help you steward your financial resources in alignment with the values and goals of you and your loved ones.

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement serves as an experienced advocate to improve clarity and understanding, provide proactive contact when anything might affect your portfolio and eliminate hassles or provide shortcuts based on our experience.

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement provides a clear fee structure that is intended to eliminate bias and self-serving advice. We believe our approach will save you from the erosion of your wealth caused by hidden fees and agendas.

The “Shepherd Your Wealth®” Solution

The Trust Builder Conversation™ – Is there a strong basis to work together?

The Clarity Formula™ – A clear vision for your most important values.

The Worry Elimination Process™ – Solving problems to eliminate worrying.

The Organization Solution™ – Eliminate the “oops, I forgot about that”.

The Personal Portfolio Navigator™ – Portfolios aligned with your goals and values.

The C.A.R.E. Review™ – Concerns, Alignment, Results, and Education.

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