Our Approach

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement is a wealth management firm led by a father and son team, Dave Shepherd, ChFC, CFP® and David W. Shepherd, Jr. CFP® based in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in serving the needs of wealthy families who are focused on preserving and growing their wealth through life’s many turning points.

We endeavor daily to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. We care deeply about our clients and take a very personalized, thoughtful approach as we shepherd the planning, management, preservation, and transfer of wealth to the next generation. We guide our clients toward their financial goals and objectives by helping them to make solid financial decisions for their financial future.

As your wealth management team, we concentrate first on completely understanding your financial goals and resources as we build your customized investment plan. From there, we analyze the available opportunities and work to proactively collaborate with your tax professional, your attorney, and other advisors. We believe that strong communication with a team of professionals gives you a better opportunity to achieve your goals.

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What Makes Us Different

Coordination & Sustainability

We believe that having a coordinated and sustainable team of professional advisors from diverse disciplines is essential to our clients’ long-term prosperity.

Independence & Objectivity

We are independent of corporate influence and strictly objective in providing our clients with customized solutions to help protect and grow their wealth.

Risk Control & Minimization

Our approach to investment management and risk minimization and control is distinctive.  Never before have investors been exposed to so many different risks at the same time.  Our process is designed to be opportunistic when risks are low and defensive when risks are high.  Warren Buffet said it well: “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

Values Beyond Money

Ultimately, money is a tool.  How we use it and what we leave behind with it determines how we affect the people in our lives that are the most important to us.  We endeavor to help our clients prepare for major life changes, whether expected or unexpected, so that they are able to leave a legacy that’s more than just money.

An Overview of Our Services

Lifestyle Maintenance & Enhancement
Professional advisor coordination & sustainability
Goal-based financial planning
Financial risk review and coordination
Assistance with the acquisition of lifestyle assets

Investment Management & Risk Minimization
Helping make sense of all your investment options
Evaluating investment managers
Minimizing your investment risk
Measuring your investment performance
Deciding when & how to exercise your stock options

Tax Coordination, Planning, & Structure
Coordination with tax professionals
Charitable tax planning and structuring
Tax planning for trusts and estates
Closely-held business tax & coordination of planning

Estate Continuance, Coordination & Liquidity
Preparing families for the loss of a spouse
Coordination with estate planning professionals
Business liquidity
Estate liquidity
Estate plan coordination and review
Trustee advice and support
Prenuptial considerations

Education for Trustees, Beneficiaries, & the Next Generation
Next generation financial education
Helping you prepare your children for the affect of your wealth
Facilitating the transfer of your values & principals to the next generation
Assisting you in preparing children who will be accessing their trusts
Trustee & beneficiary mentoring

Family Governance
Family meeting facilitation
Family mission statement development and implementation
Family governance system development
Succession planning

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